United Nations 2016 IdeaGen Summit: A discussion with Jeff Terry

What does proper nutrition  have to do with empowering women? Just ask Jeff Terry.

Recently Terry, global manager for Amway corporate social responsibility, presented at the United Nations during the 2016 IdeaGen Summit focusing on the obstacles hindering the global empowerment of women and girls.

“One of the most critical issues facing the world is malnutrition in the first five years of life,” said Terry. “If proper nutrition is not received, the effects will last the rest of an individual’s life.”

Terry explained that failure to receive proper nutrition cuts a child’s potential short. “Your brain’s not going to develop and you’re not going to become a full contributor to your family, your community, your nation, and the world.”

The purpose of the Summit, however, was not to dwell on obstacles, but look forward and discuss solutions — a conversation offering a perfect opportunity to discuss Amway partnerships.

Terry shared how Amway’s collaborative work with CARE (Nutrilite Little Bits and the Nutrilite Power of 5 campaign) empowers children to reach their full potential, giving them the nutrition foundation they will build their futures on.

He also discussed Amway’s new partnership with Opportunity International and Healing Fields Foundation — a partnership that will simultaneously improve the livelihoods of 200 Indian women and their families, and reach about 40,000 people with a health improvement education, services and products.

For Terry, using Amway’s expertise concerning nutrition and entrepreneurship to solve global issues surrounding the empowerment of women just makes sense.

“We believe by using the best of our business, and engaging the passion of our people, we can help solve some of the most critical issues in the world. Whether it’s around nutrition, or entrepreneurship — we are the best at both, and how we extend that beyond our business directly can actually help people living in poverty around the world.”

-Written by Ericka Buitenhuis, Content and Marketing Communications Intern.

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