Summiting Scientists: mountaineering researchers from Nutrilite to climb Mount Adams

Flipping through photographs from Trout Lake Farm, the snow-capped peak of Mount Adams is hard to miss. However, two Nutrilite scientists are about to bring their perspective of Mount Adams to a whole new level.

Today Donald Pusateri and Kevin Gellenbeck will embark on a three-day excursion along the South Climb to summit Mount Adams.

“Each mountain has its own beauty and this one’s right in our own back yard. Connecting with the planet right next to our farm—that makes it special,” said Pusateri.

This isn’t Pusateri’s first time on the mountain, and it’s far from his first time mountaineering.

“I’ve been climbing for years and people ask me why I spend my vacation freezing my butt off on the side of the mountain,” he laughed, “But there are so many wonderful takeaways.”

According to Pusateri, mountaineering is really an attempt to solve the puzzle of mountain—an experience requiring teamwork, camaraderie, and the ability to endure challenges. Those brave enough to take the chance are rewarded by seeing things many people may never see.

Gellenbeck is also an avid outdoorsman, but this will be his first time as an alpinist summiting a snowy peak. At an impressive 12,276 ft., the trip to the top will include all types of weather. Pusateri hopes temperatures fall more on the cold side.

“It’s harder to travel when conditions are warm,” remarked Pusateri, “It’s messy, there’s a lot more exposed rock, and the snow is unstable.”

Though climbing is certainly physically exhausting, Pusateri finds the experience re-energizing as well.

“The world has so much going on—technology, multitasking—I always feel very humble when I come off of a big mountain. I have a renewed view on life.”

We wish them the best as they begin their journey—check back next week for an update.

But we’re also curious—have you ever wanted to climb a mountain? Tell us about your own mountaineering dreams!×150.jpgShare This!

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