Nutrilite scientists lead research on bone health

As baby boomers age, bone health and conditions like osteoporosis become a growing concern. That’s why one of our Nutrilite scientists led a series of studies looking at botanical extracts and bone health for potential supplement ingredients. The findings were significant enough to be included in a leading peer-reviewed journal.

Dr. Kevin Gellenbeck, principal research scientist for Nutrilite, coordinated the efforts of a team in an eight-year series of studies focused on finding botanical extracts that have a positive effect on bone health. Those botanical extracts are filled with antioxidant-rich phytonutrients.

The final clinical study was critically reviewed and accepted for publication by editors at Phytomedicine, which publishes innovative studies in health and wellness as it relates to botanicals and plant extracts. “Bone health nutraceuticals alter microarray mRNA gene expression: A randomized, parallel, open-label clinical study” was published earlier this year.

Next came a story in summarizing the findings. It points to the bone health benefits found in specific plant extracts and explains how those benefits were linked to genetic pathways.

The study is important because it provides evidence that carefully chosen pomegranate and grape seed extracts can slow down the cellular processes that lead to loss of bone density over time. The study also influences Nutrilite product development. The Bone Guard supplement in the Nutrilite Bone Health Pack contains the specific pomegranate and grape seed extracts studied by Gellenbeck and his team. Combined with Cal Mag D, it provides a strong support for your bones as part of a daily regimen.

When it comes to what makes Amway a great company, it’s not necessarily the number of scientists we have on staff or the volume of tests we conduct on each product. It’s the heart of those who work here and their drive to deliver the most advanced, highest quality products each and every day to our customers.

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