Nutrilite Power of 5 commits to serving 500K children by end of 2019

With your support, the Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign exceeded our goal of providing nutrition to more than 30,000 malnourished children by distributing more than 5 million servings of Nutrilite™ Little Bits. Thank you!

This goal was part of our 2015 commitment to support the United Nations’ “Every Woman Every Child” initiative to end preventable deaths, including those that come from malnutrition. Thank you for your contributions and continued support!

Now it’s time to do more and meet the rest of our “Every Woman Every Child” commitment.

On October 16, World Food Day, Amway announced a new goal. Over the next 1,000 days, we will work together to raise funds and awareness to provide nutrition to more than 500,000 malnourished children by the end of 2019. We will also expand the number of locations where Nutrilite Little Bits is distributed in partnership with local non-governmental organizations to improve the nutritional health of hundreds of thousands of children.

Why 1,000 days? Because the first 1,000 days of life are critical for survival. From a global perspective, almost every country in the world, regardless of income, faces some form of malnutrition, including undernutrition, overweight/obesity, or a combination of these conditions.

The overlap of different types of malnutrition co-existing with increasing rates of overweight and obesity is known as the double burden of malnutrition. This condition presents enormous health, social and economic challenges to countries, and action is needed now to address this growing problem.

An easy way to help is to commit to an ongoing donation of $10 USD per month to ensure that a malnourished child receives Nutrilite Little Bits every day. Research shows that this nutrition helps improve the physical and cognitive health of children who participate in the program. They become stronger, more active and more involved in school.

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