Introducing the Founders Fundamentals and Values Series

At Amway, we’re constantly asking ourselves: How can we ensure we’re carrying on our daily business the “Rich and Jay way”?

There’s a reason why – nearly 60 years after Amway’s founding in 1959 – our Amway Business Owners and employees around the world continue to be inspired by our co-founders, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Rich and Jay’s legacy remains powerful because they built Amway in a way that directly reflected their character and beliefs.

Our Founders Fundamentals (Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward) and Values (Partnership, Integrity, Personal Worth, Achievement, Personal Responsibility and Free Enterprise) reflect Rich and Jay’s Amway. They align and unify us – ABOs, employees and the entire Amway community. They guide the decisions we make and set the level of behavior expected for everyone.

These principles are more practical today than ever before. That’s why we’re launching our Founders Fundamentals and Values Series. From January 25 through the end of March, the social channels of Amway World Headquarters will bring attention to each of the Founders Fundamentals and Values with a short video built around inspiring archived content from Rich and Jay, interwoven with modern footage of ABOs and employees. In the process, you’ll also be hearing more from their sons, Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel.

We also want to hear from you! We’d love for ABOs and employees to share their stories with us at and participate in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope our Founders Fundamentals and Values Series will inspire you to do what is right, not just what works. We look forward to continuing to work together to build our business and our legacy the “Rich and Jay way.”×150.jpgShare This!

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