Do you have what it takes to be a citizen scientist?

Have you always wanted to be a scientist? Here’s your chance with no special training required.

Stanford University’s Wellness Living Laboratory is looking for volunteers age 18+ to be citizen scientists in its quest to learn more about what affects a person’s wellbeing as they age.

If you have an interest in wellness and are willing to complete periodic online surveys about your diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits, you can be a part of the WELL for Life study, a first-of-its kind research project that will include tens of thousands of subjects across the globe for 5 years or more.

The study is funded, in part, through a $10 million unrestricted gift from Amway from the Nutrilite Health Institute Wellness Fund. This independent study is being conducted by scientists at the Stanford Prevention Research Center. It aims to identify dietary, lifestyle, behavioral, environmental and other factors that most profoundly impact long-term wellness.

Now researchers are ready to recruit participants, also known as citizen scientists. They are starting in the United States, China and Taiwan, but plan to expand to more countries. Keith Randolph, nutrition technology strategist for the Nutrilite Health Institute, said no technical training is required.

“It’s a volunteer program and the participants can come from any type of profession or background,” Randolph said. “This project is ideal for curious-minded people who are interested in not only their own wellness, but the wellness of their larger community and even the world.”

While citizen scientists are not paid, Randolph said there are benefits to taking part. First, participants will learn about their own wellness and what factors influence it. Second, through the personal online dashboard, they can see how they compare to other participants in their region across different wellness categories. And third, they get to be a part of a real scientific study that will build upon an accumulating body of research into healthy aging.

So, are you interested in becoming a citizen scientist and joining the quest for wellness? Just go to and sign up.×150.jpgShare This!

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