Amway is known for product safety expertise

When you purchase a product, you assume it will work as promised. But how can you be sure that the product is effective and safe?

One way is to determine whether the maker has stringent safety requirements.

“Safety is the foundational element of product formulation,” said Joe Dever, a board-certified senior toxicologist on the Amway Global Safety Team.

A toxicologist’s job, he said, is to study adverse effects and help ensure products won’t cause them. “First, we ensure that each raw ingredient is inherently safe. Only then can we determine the most effective dose without risking an adverse effect.”

Making a product is a fluid process that’s anything but simple, Dever said. He likens formulating high-quality supplements to an art form, where each product is a painting. “Toxicologists contribute brushstrokes to get to the final masterpiece.”

Independent affirmation of safety from a resident toxicologist provides an added layer of assurance that is rare for some products. Amway safety expertise is much sought-after in many markets, and regulatory agencies view the company as a trusted partner in setting high safety standards.

“Amway has one global safety standard based on the latest research, and it often exceeds individual market requirements for safety,” Amway Director of Regulatory Affairs Debbie Laverty said.

“That speaks volumes about our uncompromising commitment to safety. It tells consumers that they can have great confidence in our company and our products.”×150.jpgShare This!

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